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I recently took a vacation to Mexico with a girlfriend, and it was exactly what I needed (and so much more). The sun, the ocean, the tranquility, the dancing… ohhhh yes, the dancing.

Hello Sunshine! How I’ve missed you!!

I’ve always been an advocate for mothers to add themselves to their “To-do list.” It is so easy to lose oneself amongst all the other roles we assume. From wife to mother, chauffeur to teacher, friend to confidant, chef to cleaner… the list goes on and on… and on and on. Us mamas need to put ourselves FIRST sometimes. Call it selfish, call it greedy… I call it necessary.

Beautiful. So, so beautiful.

Running to Target, or to Walmart, or to the grocery store alone does not, I repeat not, count as putting yourself first. Yes, it is indeed a luxury, but in my opinion, it is not enough. I realize that going on a vacation away from home is not plausible for many, but it’s the idea behind it that is of importance.

Sun + Ocean = Happiness

My friends, what can you do today, this week, this month that is just for you? What have you longed to do but felt you shouldn’t because it wouldn’t be fair to your kids, your husband, your family? Do you long to spend more time alone? More time with friends? I am here to tell you that whatever it is that you want… it is O.K. Seriously. You’re desires and wants are valid too. If you don’t put yourself first, no one else will.

Dancing… a perfect night

Time away from my four beautiful kids and incredible, supportive, understanding husband is one way that I find renewal. On this trip away, I realized just how much I missed dancing. I had the most perfect, most inspiring, most amazing night out dancing that showed me exactly what was missing… a part of me. I found the joy and pure abandonment that fills my being when I dance. I realized that I need… need to add dancing into my life. Not just any dancing though… salsa dancing has my heart! From this day forward, I vow to go out dancing more. How can I deny myself the happiness that dancing brings me? Quite simply, I can’t… and I won’t. I am committed to my happiness just as much as I am committed to my family’s happiness… because in all honesty, devoting time to myself makes me so much better for all of my other roles and a much more present and devoted person for all of the people I am blessed to have in my life.



  1. honeydropstudio

    Oh this looks just perfect! Good for you!
    Motherhood sometimes has the tendency to let us forget who we are without the title “mom”.
    So glad you had this experience!

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