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An artist visit

My girl and I recently visited the workshop of 2 amazing artisans (and people for that matter!) – Hans of Primitive Precision and Liz P. of Made by Liz P.  We all had recently participated in an open house together, and Hans made a couple of custom items for me that I needed to pick up.

Hi Liz! Hi Hans!

I was quite impressed with their workspace. Hans even demonstrated how he makes his copper bracelets, but most of my pics didn’t do the tutorial justice, so I’ll just show a couple of cool ones.

Fun with fire!


Oooo… Aaaaa….

Hans explained something about the fire brick that the copper is placed on… but I have no recollection of the details. It sure looked cool though! So, on to my custom items. I had seen some bike spoke bracelets that Hans had made at a previous craft show, and I asked him if he could make one that says “Lulu”… which he did! And simply because he is such a super nice guy, he made a surprise bracelet for my little girl. Her’s even has a fun little hinge on it.

Awesome bracelet twinkies!

I also inquired as to whether or not he could make something for me to hold my business cards on for craft shows, thinking it would be some little trinket, and lo and behold… he made such an amazingly unique piece! I was so impressed with his handiwork, and so honored that he made such great pieces for me.

Don’t you wish your business card holder was cool like mine?


Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, Liz P.’s items are equally awesome!! I own a couple of earring sets that I always get compliments on, in addition to a Minnesota key chain charm. Her jewelry is truly unique and is made “outside the box” by utilizing pieces one might never think to use. Take a look see… you’ll be impressed.

Bye! Until next time!!!


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