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Soul Art Day

On May 9th, I participated in International Soul Art Day, by Laura Hollick of Soul Art Studio, and let me tell ya… the results were profound. I had never heard of it before, but was introduced to it through the grapevine and decided to give it a shot. In a nutshell, you are instructed to create – in your medium of choice – to connect to your creative spirit. I was intrigued. I also was presented with the perfect opportunity to focus solely on my soul art that day because my youngest was scheduled to have a playdate at a friend’s house, and my husband was traveling for work. I had the WHOLE DAY!! I was giddy with excitement!

I initially planned to use a blank canvas and express my soul art via paint, but then I heard a whisper to use magazine clippings to make a collage. I knew I wanted to use my Experience Life Magazine because it is one of my absolute favorites. It is a great resource to focus on mind, body and spirit. The first step for the art journey was to form an intention. What was I looking for? I was looking for guidance.

Intention: What is the next step for my creative business?


Step 2: Trace a part of your body that will help you with your intention. For example, if I was looking for healing on a certain area in my life or on my body, I would try to trace that part of me onto the paper to have a specific focus. Since I was looking for guidance, I traced my head. Let me just say that my first and second attempt did not go so well – haha! Oh well… I knew it would eventually get covered up, so I was ok with it.


Next, I sorted through all my magazine clippings and arranged them onto a 3-page spread using canvas paper from my craigslist score. I used mod podge to glue all the pieces down and then I painted, stamped, decorated… whatever came to mind. I was blown away by the messages I received throughout this art journey. Here are the finished 3 pages…

“You’re invited to the end of fear.” – *WOW*


“Brave & Beautiful. Never broken.” – Absolutely


“Surrender”… surrender… surrender…

Here are close-ups of some of the great words and quotes. Words are so powerful for me… I felt shivers run through me as I allowed the creative process to unfold…



Whew! What a journey!! But it was not over yet… the next step was to hear, to really listen, to what the art was telling me. I actually completed this step a few days later because I felt I was in such a tender space after making the artwork and I wasn’t quite ready for it to end. Also, things that transpired over the weekend helped me to open my eyes (and my heart) to understand my message at an even deeper level.

DSC_0042I sat down in my sacred creative space and opened myself up to listen… I simply wrote whatever came to mind… I didn’t let logic or ego get in the way of what was wanting to be said… in some ways, it felt meditative. It was moving, it was loving, it was amazing… and I will share it with you…

Everything you are doing is creating your future. You are in a period of growth, of trial and error, though there are no errors. Only learning experiences. From pushing yourself through your art, your experimenting with showing your artwork at craft shows, to going out dancing on your own… all of these are helping you grow as a person, are making you more confident in yourself, in your resilience and your courage to live this life fully, completely and whole heartedly. Through pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone, opening your heart to hurt and fulfillment, you are preparing yourself for the greatness in store for you. Where to go next is not the focus for you at this time. Your job is to focus on the present moment, to experience the roller coaster of emotions that present themselves without judgment, and to build up your confidence in yourself and what you are capable of not just surviving through, but thriving. You do this not only for yourself, but for others around you – your children, your friends, the people who cross your path. They will all benefit from the light that shines from within you. You are beautiful, loved and exactly where you need to be.

Holy moly. What a message. I felt honored to receive it… I was moved to happy, joyous, loved tears. There was one final step to the soul art journey though; to put the message into action. What steps can I take to follow through with the message that I received? Honestly, I did not complete this step because I felt my message already told me what I needed to do… I need to continue pushing myself outside of my comfort zone in order to release fear from the equation. No matter what happens, I will be fine. I will be fine. I am building the confidence and courage in myself to know that whatever comes my way – be it a happy occurrence or one that cracks my heart open just a bit more – is helping me to grow in all aspects of my life, and that’s a great thing.



  1. What a wonderful and powerful experience, and so beautifully expressed… I couldn’t do my Soul Art journey on Thursday because it was a public holiday here in France and the kids were home. But it’s only postponed and I sure hope to get a chance to do it soon! By the way, that magazine looks awesome, I’ll have to see if I can find it in France 😉 Keep going, keep growing… xo Laly

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