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Blog circle time!!! We skipped the July group blogging event because everyone’s lives became too busy. I can’t say that I minded because my July was filled with visitors and family reunions… and sunshine and playing and relaxing and zoning out!

The tope this month : What movie has inspired you? 

Hmm… I thought this was an odd topic and hesitated even signing up for it, but then I decided to challenge myself, because challenging myself can be fun too. I decided to pick my favorite movie. Every time I watch it, I laugh, I cry, I am engaged… I am hopeful and heartbroken all at the same time.

Life is Beautiful


If you’re unfamiliar with this movie, familiarize yourself! Haha! It’s an Italian film that was commercially released in 1998, and was nominated in the USA Academy Awards in 1999. It is a comedy centered around the holocaust. WHA?!?!?! That’s right! One would think making a comedy around the holocaust sounds like a horrible idea, but Roberto Benigni did a fantastic job writing, directing and starring in it (the latter won him an oscar). The basic premise is that Roberto’s character (Guido) falls in love with a woman, sweeps her off her feet and they start a happy life and family together. Enter the holocaust, where Guido and his son were deported to a Jewish concentration camp, but the wife volunteered to go with because she didn’t want to be without her family. At the camp, Guido tried to shield the horrors of what was going on around them from his son by pretending that it was all a game they were lucky to be playing. It is a great example of what a father will do to protect his son. I won’t give away how it ends, but I remember being so happy at the end, yet wanting to weep as I walked out of the theater. Gosh, it’s such a great movie, and it’s one that I recommend to everyone that I meet. However, you MUST watch it in Italian with English subtitles because it loses its charm and character with English dubbing.

Now, why is this movie inspirational to me? I can’t say that it inspired me back in 1998, which was most likely because of where I was in my life. I was in my 2nd year of college, without a care in the world. No husband, no kids. Just enjoying my freedom, making memories and trying my hardest to get to those 7:00 am classes.

When I think about the movie now, it inspires me, or actually reinforces that I have control over me. No matter what sucky situation I am put in, the way I look at it can change everything. Being in the holocaust is an extreme example of this, but we all have our struggles, and in that moment… each of our struggles is just as important to us as another person’s is to him/her. Our struggles are valid. They are real. No matter what the outcome, the experiences we have are all what we choose to make them – how we choose to react. This movie inspires me to find the good in all situations, in all experiences, in all people. This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer

I know, I know… this can be easier said than done, but I believe that the more you focus on the good, the more good there will be to be seen. Life is really not out to get us, I promise. The first step is to believe it to be true.

So… see the movie, find the good in every situation and you’re life will be beautiful :).

Here’s a sneak peak to entice you!

I am really curious to see what movies have inspired the other ladies in the blog circle! Continue the journey at Amy Riddle’s Blog – A Journey Back to Her Wings. Thanks for stopping by!!



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  2. If I recall correctly, I have seen this movie and it too brought me lots of tears. And now, looking back on it after reading your take, I get it…..I see how much the Dad loved his family and changed adversity into something special. We all need to do more of that in this lifetime…probably make the world a better place for all.

  3. Can’t believe I’ve never seen this movie! Must find it. And I love Wayne Dyer’s quotes. They don’t make you think, they make you REALIZE. Thanks for sharing! Creative Blessings! ~Kel

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