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My Big WHY

As of today, November 1st, 2013, I am officially a store owner… a store owner.Image

That sounds so insane to me!! Now, it is time for me to put my money where my mouth is… to take myself seriously… to go bigger than I’ve ever gone before. In my post about my fear monger, I talked about the voice inside my head that created doubt within… doubt in my ability to actually succeed. I still have moments of panic where I wonder why I am opening a store. WHY am I venturing so far into the unknown, into the dark and murky forest, and doing so willingly??

Yet, through those moments of fear, of self questioning and insecurities, a quiet whisper lurks behind the doubt. A whisper that speaks passively, yet full of assertion. A whisper that tells me my big “why”… and the answer to the “why” is simply this… because I must.

I must move forward.

Yes, it would be much easier to stay the course and continue trucking along with how things have been – to stay with what I know. But then, another question pops up… Am I here to play it safe? NO! I am here to live, to truly live, and sometimes that requires me to make myself uncomfortable. Here’s the thing though… being uncomfortable is O.K. We grow and learn things about ourselves in that uncomfortable space, and periodically venturing into uncomfortable land is a good thing.

Some other “why’s” that came up are these;

– Because my family and friends believe in me. They see greatness where I see mediocrity… and I aspire to be the woman they believe in.

– Because I want to create a space of kindness, love, creativity and acceptance. To see others where they are right now and to assure them that they are exactly where they need to be.

– Because creativity is contagious, joyful and freeing and I want others to experience it too! If only we could all create on a whim, like our kids. That would be a beautiful thing.


– Because I get to make my own rules and do what I want, in a field that I love! How great is that?!?

– Because I want to create a community of artists with similar visions and missions – to put an individual behind the final product while simultaneously being an eco-conscious entrepreneur.

– Because I get to try whole new experiences, like dumpster diving!! Ok… this was in my friend’s driveway, but it was still a fun experience.

Image– Because I can create whatever I want, and continue learning, while teaching others what I’ve learned along the way. I love trying new things, like these vintage book cover journals!

photo 3-2

– And last but not least… now that all of my children are in school full day, embarking on this business venture is a lot better than the alternative – going back to work in my field of study. I am committed to making this my full-time career… and now it’s GO TIME!!



  1. Michele Young

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts throughout this journey of yours. They inspire me and I have no doubt that you will inspire many others as you move forward.

  2. We truly are ‘soul’ friends…cut of the same cloth. You will succeed at whatever you set your mind, heart and soul too. What the success will be is unknown, completely, but successful you will be; you had a dream, you took the steps to pursue it…that in and of itself is success. Most won’t even allow themselves to dream. When I read your post, I thought I was rereading my thoughts and feelings about opening my own shop. To inspire, create, and make a difference in other’s lives. Cut of the same cloth…yes. Can’t wait to hear more dear gal!

  3. Alita

    Reading this gave me goose pimples! I am so excited for this new chapter of your life! I look forward to visiting your shop and watching you succeed in this new adventure!

    • I look forward to seeing you in my shop! If I can make every customer who walks through my door feel as welcome and special as you make your customers feel, then I will be truly happy :).

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