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A Paint Party!

My “Lulu Bea’s” Store & Studio is coming together! A couple of weekends ago, my whole family came along to paint the interior walls. Typically I don’t enjoy the wall painting process, but there was a certain pride about painting walls in my own space. That’s pretty amazing, and the honor of being able to do so carried me through the day.

Here’s my husband pretending to have fun.2013-11-02 10.56.48

Some of my kids even got in on the action.2013-11-02 11.20.10

If they weren’t zoning out on electronics.2013-11-02 10.57.04

This is me – being way too excited.2013-11-02 10.58.21

A wonderful friend stopped by to help, and brought one of her daughters. Her daughter was having so much fun that she didn’t even want to leave! But honestly, I can’t blame her. How fun does this look?!?2013-11-02 15.08.34

I can do whatever I want to the walls in Lulu Bea’s! It’s like every kid’s dream to be able to paint all over the walls and just play. (I too had this dream when I was a kid… and paid the price with many smacks to my bottom until I learned my lesson… but apparently I merely suppressed the urge until adulthood). This is the kind of space that I want to have… a space where people can feel free to play and experiment… to let go of outcomes and embrace what’s happening now. It’s all about having fun people!!!

The final masterpiece!2013-11-04 14.16.45

I had fun adding to the wall the next day. I especially love to paint with my fingers… there’s such a strong connection to the painting process for me when there is not a paint brush in-between. Unfortunately though, Sunday did not go so smoothly for me. I ended up with a case of food poisoning (first time ever!), so my hubby was left to forge ahead alone. We did manage to find a couple of neighbors to help him out though – they were life savers! I love when other people step in to help, and ya know what? I’m not afraid to ask for it. For some reason, so many of us believe that we should do everything on our own… that asking for help is a sign of weakness… BUT… that is a post for another day :).

I’m so stinking excited to open!!!!!!!


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