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Blog circle time!!!! It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that this month’s blog is centered around gratitude. If you are a regular on Facebook, no doubt you’ve seen friends posting something they are grateful for each day of November. After all, here in the United States, today is our Thanksgiving… the day where we remember what we are thankful & grateful for in our lives. A day to gather with family & friends to celebrate, enjoy and EAT way too much food for our own good!!

I used to keep a nightly gratitude journal, where each night I wrote 5 things I was particularly grateful for that day. The written practice eventually faded, but the verbal exchange of thankfulness is still intact. In planning for this blog, I chose not to focus on the big thank you’s – ya know, “my family, my friends, our health, our good fortune, our lives, the sun, food” etcetera, etcetera. Instead, I am going to show you what I am grateful for within the past 48 hours…

1) Road trips with the family!! We embarked on an overnight driving adventure to celebrate Thanksgiving with my side of the family. We drove from Minnesota to Indianapolis, IN. Normally we don’t travel anymore for holidays, but with my store opening in 1 week (holy cow!) and the rare occasion that all my siblings were available to meet up, I felt the decision was an obvious one.

Look how happy they are at the 1

2) Headphones! We have a tv in the party van (aka Big Red) to make road trips much more sane for us parents. Notice that each child is wearing a set of headphones. These are so THEY can hear the show, and WE cannot. It’s brilliant!!!!!!!!! I am so grateful for those dang headphones.

Happy, quiet kids = happy, quiet, happy happy 2

3) My man making it through the night and driving 8 1/2 out of the 10 hours it took to arrive in Indy. I was able to get enough sleep most of the way in order to pick up the last shift. This allowed me to see the beautiful sunrise. I am rarely out and about when the sun rises, so I was particularly happy to see such a pretty sight while I drove.

4) My little girl and I getting our baby fix! Be careful about bringing your babies around me… I am a smooching machine.

She really is a happy baby in this pic… just caught her at a bad time.
photo 3

5) Meeting my 4th cousin for the very first time!! He and his wife have been researching his family’s genealogy, and they managed to meet my dad a little while back. They happened to be passing through on their way to Chicago, and my older brother and I got to meet him. So neat!!! We shared the same great, great grandfather (I think…).

My dad, me (looking oh so lovely in my tired state, wearing my favorite comfy, yet uber unflattering, traveling clothes), our newest cousin and my oldest brother. Can you see the family resemblance??photo 4

Our kids even all got along great! photo 5

6) Being able to celebrate Hanukkah with my dad! So neat that it fell around Thanksgiving this year. It is a childhood tradition that I have continued with my children, and they really look forward to it!

Papi got to read the opening prayer this year (a coveted honor!)photo-10

7) My parents agreeing to let the kids stay with them while my man and I got our own hotel room. Sweeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Notice that there are no kids, nor all their belongings!photo 1

8) Ok, this is kind of embarrassing, but I do not like sleeping in hotel rooms. Something about the sheets just creep me out. Since we drove, I was able to plan ahead… I brought my own sheets and comforter!

Woohoooooo!!!!!!!!! photo 2

(Yes, we have separate sheets. Don’t judge! 🙂 There were one too many fights about stealing covers from the other person, so we decided to still love each other, but separate our sheets. It’s ok… our sheets still have an amicable relationship even though they are separated. In fact, they are even better bed sheets now that they are not together any more).

So that’s a snippet of my gratitude filled world. Let’s see what Amy Riddle has in store for us!!!



  1. Oh how I miss big family gatherings like this! I recently got to met one of my cousins from another generation as well. Isn’t it fun when that happens? For me, it was an instant connection and another friendship formed..makes me happy! Thank you for sharing your family with us!

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  3. Enjoyed your family dearie! I love the part about the sheets! Lol. Maybe my hubby and I should try it! He is always laying on top of it or rolling up in it. and Happy Hanukkah to you! Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving!

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  5. This was such a fun read Lulu, and great to have a peek into a slice of 48 hours in your world. And because I’ve just come away from reading Robin’s blog, I love that we all sit around the same table in life. Blessings to you and your family over the season of Hanukkah. XXX

  6. Haha, love the bit about the sheets Lulu! My husband and I do the same thing. Feels like something you’re not supposed to admit, but dang I think we’re super smart (happy rested me = happy everything else!). Love your big festive family gathering, looks like a wonderful time! xo

  7. So exciting your store is opening! Best wishes for a great success. I think we were on the same brain waves when we wrote our gratitude posts, some similar thoughts! 🙂 I’ve also met some long lost relatives through geneology research. We had a party to meet each other.

  8. What a happy post! You made me smile from start to finish. For a few months now we’ve started this habit, when putting the kids to bed, to give thanks for the good things of the day. They love doing it and it’s so sweet to hear what they’re grateful for, sometimes little things that we, as adults, weren’t at all aware of…

    • That’s a great tradition to start – a gratitude list. I think I may do the same with my kids! I’m very curious about what they might say. I bet it gives the parents a whole new perspective on the world the kids live in.

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  11. What a HUGE family! Wow. I love that you guys use separate sheets. Chris and I don’t steal the sheets from each other…but in the winter…I want flannel sheets and he wants regular ’cause he gets so hot. I was thinking of cutting a flannel sheet and a regular sheet in half and sewing them together! Ha.

    • Oh Amy… that picture only represents a very small fraction of my family! I have 5 siblings, and when we all get together for the holidays, that makes 12 adults and 15 kids!!!! I love the sheets idea… go for it!!!

  12. We had a really lovely time meeting you and your family! It was wonderful to feel so welcomed — my kids have more 4th cousins than 1st cousins, wow! (Well, I suppose that’s mathematically true of anybody, but we’ve actually MET the extended set now!)

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