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Table of Kindness

I have a story to tell you… a story that I’ve been wanting to tell you since the start of September. It’s a story about a table. Yes, a simple table.

 This table right 1-6

This table symbolizes hope, humanity, kindness and compassion to me. It was a a gift of affirmation during a time where my faith was waning. You see… on the day this table came into my life, I was doubting that the location I was aiming to open my store in was going to work out. The cards were simply not falling into place, and I was sad about how difficult the process of finding a space to lease was turning out to be. I hadn’t completely given up hope though, and so I continued my online search for used items to fill my future store.

I found a lady online who was selling 2 cute, wooden chairs for $1 each. “Only $1?” I thought. “I should buy them. I will need chairs someday when I have classes… classes at a table that I don’t have yet… but I will someday, and this price is too good to pass up.” So, buy the chairs I did, and I even shared with the lady my hope to open a store in downtown Lakeville. During our conversation, she mentioned the reason she was selling the chairs was because they just got a new kitchen table. As I was about to leave, I asked if she had anything else to sell, like a kitchen table perhaps?? As a matter of fact, she did! She was just about to post it online too. She showed me the table, and holy cow. What a beauty! It was so strong and solid… they just don’t make tables like that any more! I inquired about the price. She and her husband exchanged looks, then asked to speak in private. No problem… I loaded up the chairs and thought to myself “there is no way I can afford that table.” I had been searching tables on craigslist daily, and the prices were always out of my budget.

 Isn’t it stunning??photo 2-6

I walked back up the driveway, ready to be disappointed. The husband looked at me and said “How about $20?” WHAT?!?! I couldn’t believe it!! I instinctually reacted with “Are you serious??” The lady said “How much is it worth to help someone start a new business?” As I write now, the tears well up in my eyes… this gesture of generosity still overwhelms my heart to this day. I told her how I was just telling myself that there was no way I’d be able to afford it, in which she responded “I know.” As it turned out, the couple were given the table for free at a time where they wouldn’t have been able to afford one of that nature either. The husband was only asking $20 to pay back the materials he had just used to put a finishing coat on the table.

In my shocked state, I reached into my wallet to get the $2 for the chairs and $20 for the table… and wouldn’t you know it… I only had $22 in my wallet. What a divine blessing… and oh no, here come the tears again.

We loaded the table into my van, and even their children helped. The children were witnesses to their parents’ act of kindness too… they are lucky kids to have such caring parents. As I drove away, the tears flowed. This blessing came at the exact time that I needed it. To me, it was a sign that everything would be all right… to keep the course for finding a space to open up my store, for that is the correct path that I am meant to take.

So you see… this is much more than a simple table in my eyes. It is a beautiful symbol of the love that still exists in the world, and every day I am grateful for it.




photo 4-4



  1. Sue Little

    This was shared by my sister at a time just when i needed it,absolutely wonderful tears are filling my eyes as i type this,thankyou. X love and light, Sue x

    • Sue Little

      I just saw i posted comment at 4.44pm i believe in power of numbers that they have meaning so i looked up 4.44(444) and it said..there are angels,theyre everywhere around are completely loved,supported and guided by many Heavenly being,and you have nothing to fear…. Wow ;)xx

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