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Two Weeks In

Today marks 2 weeks since I opened Lulu Bea’s, and so far, so great! I’ll admit, I was a bit stressed in the days leading up to opening the store, but to my delight and surprise, friends showed up out of the blue to help. I was so honored and humbled by their generosity. It amazed me to see these gestures of kindness without me even asking. Just another sign that there are great people in this world, and I am so lucky to know them!!

Cute Amy stamping bags!

Her (also cute) husband  hanging everything on the walls.


Tami, the owner of TJK Designs and one of my in-store artisans, writing all the info on the storefront window. It’s harder to write backwards than you might think!1455200_10151893920364387_1932534229_n

I chose to open on a Thursday night, which coincided with the Downtown Lakeville’s Ladies Night event. That was a brilliant decision (if I do say so myself) because there was a great turnout. The weather was even pretty cruddy with temps in the single digits and I believe it was even snowing, but that didn’t stop these tough Minnesotan women!

Oohh… Ahhh… Shopping!Ladies Night 2013 Lulu Bea 2


Ladies Night 2013 Lulu BeaLet’s see… Oh! I did get a little publicity the other day… and here’s the funny thing. That morning, I debated whether or not to put make-up on, and ultimately decided not to because, well, I’m lazy like that. Wouldn’t you know it, a local news reporter stopped by that day to get a story and take a picture. Doh!!! Ah well, the no make-up me is a more realistic version. You can read the article at the Lakeville Patch.

I must confess though… going from stay-at-home-mom to working 48 hours a week is exhausting. Last Saturday I taught 3 classes throughout the day, and while it was fun and rewarding… I won’t do that again. At the end of the night, my body was physically exhausted, but my mind kept going and going and going…

These cute ladies came in with their aunt to make presents for their mom. So sweet!1514534_10151917762394387_162527669_n

Paper Wreath Class – great job ladies!! Working with paper can be frustrating, but they persevered and ended up with fabulous wall decor.1491742_10151917762969387_1104380773_n

Mixed Media Holiday Tree – super fun! I love how each woman’s creation turned out differently. They were so sweet and supportive of each other. I loved working with them.1504116_10151918147449387_534793548_n

So, I am enjoying being a store owner. I have a lot of ideas in the works, such as bringing in guest instructors to teach other other art forms that I don’t do (i.e. jewelry making). I am really excited!!!!!!!! I am also thinking about walk-in projects that kids can do over the next 2 weeks while they are in Xmas break. I just have to remember that I don’t have to do everything I think of right now. I have time to build and grow. At this stage in the game, I am figuring out what class times are more popular than others, what times are most beneficial to have the retail store open and other little details like that. I imagine I will be tweaking things for months to come, but that’s ok! It’s all part of this crazy adventure called life :).



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