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In this month’s blog hop, we all decided to follow our mentor, Kelly Rae Roberts, in her Kindness Mission quest. We each picked our own unique way to help spread some kindness, some joy & some love to people around us. I signed up to partake in this mission over a month ago and I was all fired up and ready to do something fun. Lo and behold, I slacked and procrastinated until the last couple of days to decide what I wanted to do. I nearly walked away from the mission altogether, but through some encouragement from fellow kindness mission-ees (wow, no spell check on that word)… I decided to persevere. I could figure something out! I won’t quit!!!

Surely there could be a way to enlist the help of my children too. How can they help spread kindness? Then it hit me.. Thank you’s!

photo 2-7

You see these boxes of Thank You cards? I bought them 11 1/2 years ago in anticipation of sending them out for our wedding gifts. As it turned out, my husband and I ended up buying postcards on our honeymoon and sending our thanks out that way. I’ve kept these boxes through many moves, knowing I would find a use for them some day. Now… I know some of you may go through thank you cards quite a lot when it comes to kids’ bday parties, holiday gifts, etc. The truth is… I don’t do thank you’s and I don’t make my kids do them either. Gasp! I’m sorry! I know it’s a nice and respectful practice to instill on our kids, but I just can’t get past the waste of paper that is involved. That’s the reason I don’t send out xmas cards either… those poor trees! (Although I do like getting cards from others, so don’t X me off your list!)

Back to my mission! Right… I actually had this idea back around xmas time, but I never executed it. I thought it would be neat to give each of my 4 children a pack of thank you cards to write to people of their choosing. They could write serious thank you’s, silly ones, whatever they felt like doing. I gathered the kids this morning and explained what I wanted them to do. At first they thought it was a silly idea and weren’t really on board with participating, but eventually they really got into it and I even had to cut them off from the thank you’s so I could get them to school on time!

photo 3-5photo 4-5

V was the most disinterested out of all the kids, but of course he ended up having the most fun. He even wrote one to his deceased great grandma (awwwww).

photo 5-2

Since my girl doesn’t know how to write sentences yet, she wound up drawing pictures. What a great idea to spread kindness through her art ;).

photo 1-7

I even received a thank you note from Z. You’re very welcome buddy!

photo 1-8

photo 2-8

Hmm… I’m starting to sense a theme here… funny guy Z. I managed to get in on the action as well. I wrote 2 cards, but plan to write some more. I love random notes… they’re like teeny presents of unmeasurable proportions.

I found one more note as I crawled into my bed… only this note will have to wait until my hubby comes back from his work trip. I wonder what it says!!!

photonoteNow let’s see what Karrlin Bain has in store for her Kindness Mission!! I can’t wait to read all the ways that kindness can be shown!



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  7. I think it’s great that you and a few other creative have chosen to use a form of {long}handwriting on notes as your form of spreading Kindness. I do this stuff all.the.time. and it NEVER occurred to me to do so with this project. Unlike you {who totally ROCKS}, I bummered out. :/ Good for you and what a blessing it must be for those who received Thank-yous from your children {Superman? and Deadpool? –> Hahahahhahaha…}.

    • I believe Wonder Woman also wrote a thank you card ;). You’re so sweet for writing thank you’s on a regular basis! See… it was ok for you to miss this blog circle because you already do kind act on a regular basis!

  8. Awww, I love the “mommy, thank you for making me alive” note from your superman. So cute! My son drew me a heart the other day and said “mama, sometimes I’m mean to you and you’re mean to me, but I still love you anyway, so here’s a heart for you”. Doesn’t it just make your heart full? Your mission rocks Alaina – so great your kids were in on it! xox

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