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A New Goddess is Born

I think it has been exactly 1 year since I painted my Goddess picture. I lost the original scan, but here is a photo taken with my phone. GoddessMy wonderful store neighbor Terri (of Perfectly Random) framed the painting with an old frame and also added paint. Isn’t it great?!?! Well, she had it on display at her store for a while – this was before I even had the idea of opening up a store of my own – and a friend of a friend saw it. She remembered admiring the picture at the Perfectly Random, and many months later, thought to contact me about making a custom version for her young daughter’s golden birthday. The mother loved all the elements of the original painting, but wanted a few changes to make it personal to her daughter, such as changing the color of the hair & eyes and picking a dress color to match her daughter’s bedroom.

I always get a little nervous when someone wants me to recreate a painting, because there is no way that it can ever be done the same way twice. I did mention this, but the mom was not concerned. So with that worry lifted, I set off to create a new Goddess!! I couldn’t say that this one would be better, but it was definitely going to be bigger. The canvas was 16″x20″, and one that I had been holding on to from a previous craigslist score. Here is the Goddess’ journey…

First the sketch. I knew I wanted an off-the-shoulder dress, and I love to draw almond-shaped eyes. I actually first started drawing this eye shape after tracing a photo of my daughter’s eyes.

photo 1I added color and shading to the face by using a combination of Neocolor water soluble crayons and white acrylic paint.

photo 2 photo 3

By the time it was all said and done, there were probably a good 25 layers of paint on the face, neck and chest. When I thought I was happy with the shading, I would go back to tweak one little area, and wind up redoing the whole thing. Gah!! Why do I always do that to myself?!?!!
photo 4

I knew I wanted a soft glow behind her (which was not in the original painting) because, well, she is a Goddess.
photo 5

I used white opaque flakes mixed with white acrylic paint to add texture and dimension to the tree. She was definitely coming along nicely, but there was something about her face that didn’t sit right with me… it was her mouth and chin. They were too tiny or angular or something.

photo 2-1

No prob. Let’s make them bigger, and add some flowers to her hair while we’re at it.
photo 5-1

Ahhh… much 3-2And now the words. She wanted the saying to be the same, but wanted to add something special at the end. “Boos” means “kiss” in farsi. photo 4-2

Voila. She was complete. I have to say, I love this Goddess, and I have always loved the empowering phrase. While I think it’s very important that we teach our daughters to embrace their own power, what grown woman doesn’t also need to be reminded of her own strength? What’s funny about this saying is that I didn’t originally intend for the last word to be “divine.” I can’t remember what I had wanted, but I do know that it was a word that was longer than 6 letters. I had run out of space when I added the phrase, so I had to think of a word that would fit! I am so happy that this “accident” happened, because I think this phrase is perfect, just perfect.

I was soooo excited to reveal the painting to the mom! I even did the whole “Are you ready??” with the painting turned around backwards so I could watch her reaction (I know… I’m a dork). I am happy to report that she loved her too. In fact, she got tears in her eyes, which made me get tears in my eyes and… yeah… you know how that goes ;).


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