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Puerto Rico Fun 2014

Meet Tina! She’s my friend :).


A couple of weeks ago, the 2 of us traveled to Puerto Rico, for our annual escapeMinnesota’scoldwinter vacation. Fun fact, Tina is a mama of 4 kids as well! Another fun fact – we tried to go to Puerto Rico last year, but travel time was too high compared to the limited number of days we could spend there. This year, there happened to be a direct flight… it was simply meant. to. be.

Upon arrival, the first thing I did was say hello to Sunny. Ahhhhhh.IMG_0584

Warmth! How I missed you!!! Not only was I excited about the sunshine, but I was really looking forward to seeing the ocean. Not to go in it – no, no, no. Just to be around it. The colors are just so beautiful and soothing.IMG_0598

Unfortunately, I missed a spot with the sunscreen. Oops. Weird pattern, eh?IMG_0599

The night we arrived we went salsa dancing (of course!) into the wee hours of the morning. I tell ya, Americans are tame when it comes to staying out late. We’ve now decided to make it a goal to salsa dance in as many locations as possible!

We took a tour to El Yunque Rainforest, which was only about a 40 min drive away. It was educational and beautiful! We had a really fun tour guide too, which always makes a world of difference. IMG_0616 IMG_0621

That’s me in the blue bathing suit top… I had to creep & crawl along the rocks to go into the SUPER COLD WATERFALL!. Tina opted to sit this one out.
IMG_0652 A little exploring… trying to not slip!IMG_0654Another tour was a food & walking tour of old San Juan with another amazing tour guide. Seriously, if you’re ever there, contact Melani Daniels… she is the best!! What is a food & walking tour? Well, it’s only pure deliciousness mixed with a little educational learning (are you detecting a theme?) What can I say… I like to learn about the places I visit. So, while we walked around Old San Juan hearing it’s history, we also stopped into about 4-5 different shops and restaurants to eat food connected to PR’s history. It was so so yummy, and way more food than we could eat. I didn’t bother taking pictures of the food because, let’s face it, it’s only really worth it if you’re there to eat it. I did take a picture of the coffee though, only because it was soooo gooooood. I am not a coffee drinker either, but I loved their home grown coffee. It was very deep and rich… mmmm. If you ever have the chance to buy Puerto Rican coffee, do it!

IMG_0648On our last morning in town, we walked around Old San Juan and did our souvenir shopping. San Cristobal Castillo was very neat. We didn’t have time to tour inside, but we saw some of the exterior.

Hi! I’m Lulu, and I’m a…

IMG_0629 dork.IMG_0631 Oooo… old and creepy.IMG_0632 IMG_0635 I have a picture like this from last year’s trip to Cancun… new goal! Small doorway pics!IMG_0636Oh, Puerto Rico. You have my heart! Both Tina and I loved it so much. We hope to go back very soon. There is still so much to see, to explore and to eat! (Hee! Hee!) I highly encourage you to visit too. It was never a place high on my list, but now that I know better, I would love to visit frequently.



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