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Junk Bonanza Funzies

Day 1 of the Junk Bonanza is always like a big reunion. Many of the vendors have been participating for years, and they come in to MN from all over, so it’s always fun to reconnect. There are often new faces as well, which is extra exciting because we get to check out more vendor items!

I was moved to a new spot, which was a little nerve wracking because I didn’t know where I would be placed until the week before. As it turned out, I was placed between 2 friends! To my right is Leslie of The Pocket Book, who makes vintage book and board game purses (you can find them at the shop next time mine, Perfectly Random) and to my left is Katrina from Barnett Designs, who teaches jewelry classes at Lulu Bea’s!



I have been participating in the Junk Bonanza for 4 1/2 years now… it was the first big show that I ever did! It’s hard to believe that this is where it all started… and one of the first people that I met was Devin, from Makeshift Accessories. He and I have done many shows together now, and it’s always a pleasure to visit with him and his brother, Eric. He has offered me great advice for starting and running a  business over the years, and I am proud to offer his amazing items at my shop.

Eric on the left, Devin on the right (awwwwww).


And here we have Tami, from TJK Designs! She makes amazing home decor items, and I have a hard time keeping her wine barrel wall scones in stock at the shop.TJK Table

One of the best parts about opening Lulu Bea’s is that I get to support all of the amazing artists that I’ve met over the years, who have eventually become friends. I am hopeful that I will find a few more artists from this show to feature at the store. There are just so many amazing upcycled products to show!!!!!!!



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