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I might sound crazy…

At the risk of sounding totally insane, I want to talk about what’s been on my mind lately…


Yes, eyelashes. I’ve been seeing a lot of product posts on Facebook lately about eyelash extensions. I admired the transformation pictures – going from short, unnoticeable lashes to long and luscious, super sexy lashes.


I must have been putting on make-up when the thought about eyelashes came to mind… and believe me, my wearing make-up is a rare thing! My own lashes fall into the “unnoticeable” category. Ever since high school, I have used the eyelash torture device (aka eyelash crimper) to create an artificial upward curve to my lashes.

“I want to squeeze your lashes!”

70105006499906a13b05oI was putting said torture device to my eyelashes when I thought to myself “I wish I had long, pretty eyelashes.” Then, strangely enough, I asked myself aloud “Why do I want long eyelashes??” The answer came as clear as day

Because I was told I do.

Woah… mind blown. It was such a big realization for me… ever since childhood, us girls have been told that long eyelashes constitute beauty. All the countless commercials that I watched over the years… long hair + long eyelashes = beautiful woman. Who decided that long eyelashes were beautiful?? I was so intrigued by this thought. When was it decided and why do we all believe it?

Some even want cars to have long lashes (though I admit, it is super cute!)VW Bug

Then I thought, if I was supposed to have long eyelashes, I would have been born with long eyelashes.

Hi me!1456104_10202384063185175_1672135835_n

Maybe, just maybe, the reason I don’t have long lashes is because there are other features that are meant to be noticed instead. Perhaps it’s the shape of my eyes, the droop of my nose, the fullness of my lips… the way one eye closes more than the other when I smile… the chicken pox scar on my forehead, the prominent cheekbones… the speckled colors of my eyes… the familial trait of dark circles. These perfectly imperfect features are what make me me, and that, my friends, is a beautiful thing. No, I do not have long flowing hair… nor long eyelashes… The days I don’t wear make-up far outnumber the days that I do… I have lots of gray hair, and I love it… and I have short, unpainted nails. Man, if I believed all the beauty commercials on tv, I would feel so badly about myself. It’s a good thing that I don’t, and I hope you don’t either.

That being said though, if you want long eyelashes, then by all means, find a way to make it happen. I am a big advocate for doing what makes you happy, and if it’s as simple as longer lashes, I’d say you’re life is pretty darn good. However, I also want to encourage you to embrace all of you just the way you are…

 because you are beauty-full.

Lulu Bea

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  1. You are beautiful! I too don’t have long eyelashes, and they’re also fairly ‘flat’, curling them doesn’t do much. Love how you figured out that we want long eyelashes because that’s how we’re conditioned. I think this will help me see mine in a different light! And isn’t it funny how we’re always focussing on what we don’t have or what isn’t perfect, rather than thinking about our best features!!

  2. You’re exactly right! And who knows… maybe the features that we don’t like about ourselves are what other cultures find beautiful? That’s what is so weird about this whole categorization of beauty. Who is the decider?? Just love ourselves up and move along! 😀

  3. Excellent wisdom for first read of the day! My close vision is ‘not good without reading glasses’ so I can’t really see my lashes any more. I can FEEL and they have gone really short. I’ve consciously decided how this sort of thing must not rule my remaining beautiful, womanly years on this earth:) Crawled in next to my warm hubby last night around 1:00 a.m. and fell asleep thinking about the people I love and the happy things I have to fill my world. Thank you for putting a stamp on that thought! beckyredbarn

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