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The Dance Mile

This past weekend, I participated in The Dance Mile. “What is that” you ask? Well, in a nutshell – it’s simply the most. fun. EVAHH!! As I’ve written about before, I enjoy salsa dancing and typically go out once a week to do so. I’ve recently added swing dancing to the mix, and oh boy… that’s a blast too! When I saw someone post on Facebook about this thing called “The Dance Mile,” I needed to learn more! 

While I am a physically fit & active woman, I have not partaken in many large scale events. I did do the Mud Run a couple of years ago because I was intrigued at the idea of completing obstacles and, to be honest, I’ve always wanted to play in the mud. Little did I know just how much running there would be in-between those obstacles (yuck!), and even worse – running up hills! 

I’m the one behind the pole!


Now, as much as I love working out, running is not my friend. I have absolutely NO DESIRE to participate in running events. 5K, 10K, Marathon, Triathlon – no freaking way.

Lulu + Running = Self Inflicted Torture

Even the idea of running 1 mile makes me want to act like my 8-year-old son and dramatically exclaim “UGGGG.” Sometimes our fitness instructor makes us run around the health club building, and I have to control the urge to throw myself onto the ground and have a huge tantrum.

“I don’t wanna run!!!!! Wahhhh!!!!”

While the thought of running a mile invokes a personal pity party, I can sure as heck dance a mile! And that’s exactly what we did and what the whole event entailed – DANCE.

I was lucky enough to find some other friends to join in on the fun. Three of them I met through salsa dancing, and the one on my left is my lovely friend (who also enjoys salsa dancing!)

Dance Mile Team 

The Dance Mile started with a few opening acts to warm us up, then the truck with the DJ, Emcee and 2 Rockin’ Zumba instructors lead the way down the mile stretch in Downtown Minneapolis. We danced while we walked, we stopped to dance, and there was even a line dance – The Cupid Shuffle – thrown into the mix. There were people on the streets cheering us on and dancing along. It was such a joyous environment to be a part of, all of us united by our love of dance. 

10552647_824726310879262_5314946467774018921_n 10570536_824724740879419_3769833706648519706_n 

After the mile was over (which was way too short of a distance), we continued the after party at a local club. More dance music was played, and more dancing ensued. My husband spent the evening at a neighbor’s house for an outdoor movie with the kids. A number of the neighbors knew where I was and asked him more details about it. One guy asked “Is that supposed to be fun?” and – I just love what my husband said – he responded “If it involves dancing, she will have fun. She can dance through razor blades and still have a good time.” Haha! Isn’t it so great to have someone that knows you so well??

Bottom line – I took part in The Dance Mile because it sounded like fun. I have decided to let JOY be my compass when moving through this life of mine. I saw this quote the other day and thought it was so perfect:

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; We grow old because we stop playing”

Yes! Yes! Yes!!!! Play my friends! Follow what’s joyful for you! And if you can’t find anyone else to join in, go by yourself. It will help you grow as a person and you never know all the amazing people out there that are just waiting to meet you. 


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