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Over the summer, I went on a family reunion in Colorado. Naturally, we visited the Rocky Mountain National Park and went on a couple of hikes. On one of these hikes, I brought along my art journal to play in during our lunch break. My little 8-year-old art lover saw me whip out my journal & paint markers and wanted to join in on the play too!
IMG_1391I had with me the Sharpie paint pen markers, and they were still a bit new to me. I knew that I needed to pump the end of it to get the paint flowing, but I didn’t how to keep it flowing once it ran dry. I assumed I needed to pump it again – not so. I learned that if you pump it after the paint has already seeped into the tip, you’re likely to get a big old paint blob on your paper. My son happened to be using a black marker, so the black blob was pretty significant. No worries, let’s just blow the paint around and see what happens. You’ll be amazed at what showed up!

IMG_1392I kid you not… this dragon creature is how the paint was pushed around. We were so surprised! This was definitely a happy art accident. But wait, there’s more. As if I didn’t learn my lesson the first time, we ended up doing the same exact thing with the blue paint marker… but do not fear, it ended up becoming a chariot seat of some sort that sat on top of the dragon, which worked out perfectly because there was already a person there.

IMG_2215In case you’re wondering how to prevent paint blobs jumping out of the paint markers, the key is to SHAKE the pens to get the paint flowing. Now I know!!

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