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4 am musings – part 2

I have been listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book, “Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao.” It’s about integrating the teachings of the Tao Te Ching into our daily lives. While listening to this CD in my car, I came to the sudden realization that life is easy. Life is easy! It’s so, so simple, yet we make it so complicated. We want to know where we are going and we want to be there now.


We are always trying to get somewhere, yet that somewhere is always an elusive ideal that changes as we make our way towards it. Here’s the key – just live your life and have fun!! We’re here to experience love, joy, sadness, sorrow and all of the other emotions that create this human experience. There must be lows to know the highs, and all of our experiences are valid and important in our individual growth.

I believe our ultimate goal is to find love and to live from that state and perspective. How do we find love? Quite simply; by following what feels good – our interests, our curiosities. By embracing and accepting our own, and other’s, short comings. Love reveals itself in many forms. From the love of another person, to the love you show yourself by releasing guilt & judgement. Love is the earth’s beauty that renews itself for our survival, and the unconditional acceptance from a pet. Yes, living from a state of love is an ideal, but it is not unrealistic. We get to choose whether being “right” is really more important than being kind and respectful. No one can take that power away. We choose how to tend to our own inner world, so why not nurture it with openness, acceptance of our humanity, and the knowing that we’re all doing the best we can, with what we know, where we are at in this particular moment in time?

“It is our attitude that allows us to view difficulties as lessons or opportunities, challenges instead of setbacks.” – Julia Cameron

I know you’ve heard “live in the present” probably more times than you’d care to, but it is true. All you can truly control is how you react in this moment. Right here, right now. Dr. Wayne Dyer often quotes the verse “The Tao does nothing, yet leaves nothing undone.” The Tao can be replaced with God, Source Energy or any other term that you are comfortable using. The world is going to continue to evolve around you, and the best bet for your happiness is to bend with it. Enjoy the ride my friends! Yes, sometimes the ride takes you to exhilarating peaks, and other times you’ll enter a scary cavern that you didn’t even know existed. Just try to have faith that it is all going the way it needs to. You may not understand the reasoning behind it now, but clarity will come eventually.


Quit getting so worked up about everything! In the grand scheme of things, most of them are minor issues. Let go of the insecurities, practice acceptance for yourself and others in their humanity, and let your life unfold before your eyes. Be in awe at what surrounds you. Get excited about the little things. Make yourself laugh. Be silly. It’s high time we infuse a lot more joy into our beautiful lives.

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