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DIY Gift Cards

For the 2014 holiday season, I wanted to incorporate more handmade items into my gift giving. Growing up, I celebrated both Hanukkah and Christmas. My dad is Jewish, and my mother Catholic, and this was the way my parents decided to represent both religions. A few years ago, I decided to continue the tradition with my children. Somehow, it has evolved into my husband handling the Xmas gifts, while I am responsible for Hanukkah. This works out wonderfully for me because I can’t imagine trying to keep track of 10 days of gifts (including Xmas eve)!!

Hanukkah gifts were always of a more practical nature from my dad. Think highlighters, scotch tape, pens, etc. You know… the kind of gifts one could run out to Walgreens at the last minute to buy :). Practicality definitely has its place in the world though, so I decided to do the same with my children. Our first night of Hanukkah revealed packages of new socks. Hooray!!! (Not so much). My kids were less than amused… though I don’t know why because just a few days before there were complaints of not having any more socks! Okay, okay… I knew the socks were not going to be a hit, but that just meant that I set their expectations really low and could only go up from there (a little mom trick for ya kids.)

Back to homemade gifts. One gift that I wanted to do for sure was gift cards to download music. Instead of buying separate iTunes gift cards, we decided to simply let the kids each pick 5 songs to download. Here are the steps that I used to make the gift cards (remember that each layer needs to be dry before moving on to the next step):

1) Find business cards that are no longer needed. (I had a big stash that I raided).

2) Paint the fronts & backs with black gesso. This should cover any print & graphics on the cards.IMG_2485

3) Add white acrylic paint to one side, leaving a border of the black gesso. IMG_2489

4) Add a layer of colored acrylic paint to the other side of the card, leaving a black border. I picked 4 different colors (blue, red, yellow & pink) for my 4 kids. If the colored paint does not stand out from the black gesso, mix some white paint into it while spreading it on the card.

5) Randomly add texture with punchinella (sequins waste) and white acrylic paint.


6) Add circles with gold paint and a small, circular cap. IMG_2491

7) Add black paint splatters with watered down black acrylic paint. Dip the paint brush into the watered down medium and use another paint brush or tool to tap the paint brush over the cards. This will create the splatters. If no paint falls off the paint brush, add more water. IMG_2492

8) Use Gelatos to draw borders around the white paint on the other side of the cards. Use complimentary colors that can be blended together with your finger. FullSizeRender9) Add wording with a white gel pen, a black roller ball pen, and a black marker. IMG_2495

10) Hide the evidence from your nosey child who wants to see what you’re working on! IMG_249311) Be prepared to see pure joy on the recipients’ faces!


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