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A Boy Named Mateo

I want to tell you a story… a story about divine intervention.

Last Monday I had plans. Plans that were cancelled, so I made a doctor appointment instead. On the way to said appointment, I zoned out and took a route I would not have normally have taken. I even asked myself aloud,

“Why am I going this way?”

As I turned onto a frontage road, I saw a little boy wandering down the street towards me, wearing only a sweater, a tennis shoe and an Elmo slipper. I followed him into the gas station on the corner and got out to speak to him, along with another concerned man. The man tried to find out where the boy lived, but he was so young.

I called 911, the man donated a towel to cover the boy’s bare bottom, and I sat and waited with the boy. His name was Mateo, he was 3-years-old, and he was so very sweet. He spoke both Spanish and English, intermixing the two language as we spoke, though there was plenty of jibber jabber mixed into his speech as well. We sat on the curb in front of the gas pump, marveled at the airplanes overhead and waited for the police.

He was full of such innocence and wonder. As I had followed far behind him in my car when entering the gas station, he had a ball that he threw away from him as he ran with enthusiasm to the gas pump to explore. Not a care in the world! He sat patiently with me too, and listened when I insisted we needed to stay put and wait. 

I don’t know the final outcome to his story. Two police officers met me, one took all of my information and the other took Mateo into her car to drive around the nearby neighborhoods to look for anyone out searching for their little boy. As a mother of 4, I know how quickly a child can slip away. It makes me smile to think that perhaps, little Mateo wanted to go outside and knew, in his mind, that he needed shoes. Surely a shoe and a slipper would be sufficient – never mind any pants :). We blew kisses to each other as I drove away.

I am so very humbled and honored that I was able to be available to share space with Mateo. I trust that he ended up where he needed to be… and I wish for him a full life of happiness, joy, and love. The way the day unfolded still brings tears to my eyes. If I would have left home a minute later… if I would have taken a different route… What a blessing Mateo was to me that day. 

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