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My Biggest Decision Yet

I’ve made a big decision recently… I decided to walk away from a career path that isn’t the right fit for me and step into the unknown. Although, that’s not entirely true… I know where I am going and what I must do. That being said, the decision to close my bricks & mortar store did not come lightly. I knew it was a possibility a few months ago, and decided to spend the summer not deciding. I would let things fall into place naturally, and instead, I got myself comfortable with not knowing what was going to happen and being okay with any outcome. 

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I took this picture as I wrote my lease termination letter. Tears were shed… with a mixture of many emotions swirling inside. I’m sad to let the space go, yet happy to no longer have the stresses of it. I’m bummed to not offer art classes and art parties to my community, but excited to move in a direction that I am passionate about. Sometimes we need to experience the extreme of what we do NOT want, in order to find where we truly belong.

I am grateful for the people that I’ve met, for the love & support of family and friends, and for the business experiences that are continually building a solid foundation for moving forward and evolving. I have added a number of classes and workshops that I’ve been wanting to teach onto the calendar for September. I will use the month of October to downsize and liquidize. I’ve been thinking about the term “going out of business sale” and I don’t feel that’s quite right. I want to call it a “going into purpose sale” because I am not losing a business… I am gaining clarity. What is this purpose? Stay tuned… it’s a life changer.

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