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What do you seek?

A few days ago, I was having a conversation with a new guy friend of mine from within the latin dancing community. As with any type of community, the more active you are within it, the more you will notice certain people who always seem to be there. This is what happened with my friend & I – we both noticed each other out, and connected via Facebook, but ironically, have yet to share a dance together. So what do we do in the meantime? Talk about dance, of course!

He asked me “What do you seek when you dance?” This was such a simple question, but the answer was much more complex. I found it hard to capture into words… but I think that this is pretty darn close…

Why I dance

I never knew how powerful a role dancing would have in changing the course of my life, and awakening aspects of myself that I didn’t realize were present. This is why I think that it’s so very important to follow the little nudges and inklings of curiosities that pop up in our lives. They are there for a reason… reasons we may not even be able to fathom at that moment in time, but there nonetheless for our own personal journeys. So whether it’s learning a new skill, researching more on a topic of interest, or signing up for that meet-up group that you’ve been curious about, take inspired action and move one step closer to satisfying that curiosity as soon as possible. Inspiration speaks to us in whispers, and it’s our job to stop, listen and open up to the possibility of making it a part of our lives.

So tell me, sweet friend, what is one curiosity you’ve been ignoring? What can you do this week to move one step closer to welcoming it into your life?

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