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The Next Chapter Begins

I spent the entire weekend alone, in a local hotel, to revamp and redesign my website without interruptions. It was an amazing experience. To have complete focus on what I am currently inspired by opened up new creative streams that I hadn’t even dreamt about. Isolation is a wondrous thing!

And now… the big reveal… I introduce to you –

Ignited Mama Life Coaching

When the realization came that owning a store wasn’t what I was supposed to do, I did some deep soul searching to uncover what I truly wanted. I knew I wanted connection with the women I worked with – I wanted a deeper journey.

I hired a coach of my own, and together we honed in on the core of my message and the women that inspire me – mamas. Yes! Of course!! You teach what you know, right?

Why moms? I see so many mamas living behind the scenes of their own life, by putting others before themselves and by putting up with way more than they ever should.

What about what you want? What about your dreams and desires? Us mamas are literally creating the future, and I want to show my children what it’s like to be in love with my life. That even though I am a mama, I also have inspiration outside of the home. When I am pursuing my own fun and creativity, they are seeing a woman fulfilled. This, in turn, infuses happiness into our home life, and everyone wins!

I want mamas to IGNITE their lives! To unlock their infinite potential through the art of creative expression. To become joy seekers by putting themselves on their to-do list and engaging in their curiosities of life.

This is no small thing, dear ones. It’s BIG work that will change lives for the better.

I am so passionate about the program I have developed. Please venture on over to my website to find out more details.

Lulu Bea

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Ignited Woman Life Coaching ~ Helping women to IGNITE their life and find true freedom in creating a life that truly inspires & delights them.


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