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I am so excited to announce that I have been published in a magazine!! Altered Couture  is featuring an article I wrote about making Upcycled T-Shirt Headbands. In the Spring 2016 edition, you can learn how to make 2 different styles of headbands from 1 t-shirt.


I am so pleased with how the article turned out, and the color palette is so soft and peaceful. This magazine features all repurposed and handmade items… and I am so lucky to be a part of it.


What’s even MORE amazing is how this article came about.

You see… I owe thanks to the Law of Attraction. If you’re not familiar with the Law of Attraction, it’s the belief that like energy attracts like energy. For example, if you are a person who is happy, positive, and optimistic, you will find yourself experiencing more situations that reinforce these feelings because that is what is being drawn to you. The same can be true for being negative. If you are generally unhappy, you will find more reasons to be unhappy in your life because that is the space you are occupying.

In this instance, I wrote down the intention to be published in a magazine in 2015. I researched various magazines to find out the submission process, and then ultimately decided that it was a lot of effort for an unknown outcome. I set that project aside and made the decision to focus on other pursuits instead.

But how did this intention manifest without taking the listed steps to make it happen? Here’s how:

  1. I let go of the “how” and opened up the space for allowing it to happen. I’ve come to the point of realizing that when I’m focused on how to make a certain thing happen, I often get in my own way. If I allow things to unfold in their own timing, my life flows much smoother.
  2. I took actions to allow visibility of my products by continuously updating my Etsy Shop. I was eventually contacted by a woman who works for the magazine and was asked to submit my headbands for possible publication. So all those steps that seemed too tedious for me to do when I first set the intention were bypassed. Score!
  3. I lived my life being happy, having fun, and staying optimistic about work and about life. It was because I was maintaining a positive energy level, and not stressing about the small details of life, that this opportunity orchestrated its way to me. I firmly believe that when you are living in a positive state, good things can’t help but come your way. If you don’t believe me… try it! What do you have to lose?

Now, there is the minor technicality that this magazine wasn’t published until 2016, even though I set the intention in 2015. I’m still going to call this a win because all the work was completed in 2015, ahead of the actual publication date.

OR… another way to look at it is to accept with grace that everything happens at the right time, regardless of my arbitrary timeline. If my original intention aimed for 2015, but it wasn’t able to manifest until 2016, I am more than okay with that. One can’t be too picky when you are getting what you want in the end.

If you’d like to learn the tools for raising and maintaining your happiness level, I invite you to talk to me about my Ignited Woman Life Coaching Premier Program. If we’re a good match, together we can create an action plan that’s just right for you and your lifestyle, with nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain. The time is NOW for you to do more, to see more, to BE more.

Lulu Bea

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