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It’s time to come out of the closet.

Spiritual closet

Over the past week, I have been listening to some fantastic interviews over at the Hay House World Summit. If you are looking to be inspired, to be introduced to new thought leaders, and to see the world from different perspectives, I can’t recommend this 4-week summit enough. First of all, it’s FREE, and second of all, you walk away feeling so motivated and ON TRACK with where you are in your life.

I was listening to one such speaker as I walked on an elliptical, and I had an insight…

I am still in the spiritual closet.

I made the resolution to come out of the spiritual closet last year, and I think I’ve done a great job, but I haven’t fully emerged.

I have a lot of “new age” beliefs, and while I do believe they are becoming more mainstream, I never know how they will be received when I bring them up in casual conversation.

I’ve started to treat it almost like a game. It’s fun for me to see how someone reacts when I throw in something like, “Oh, I can’t get together tonight because I’m meeting with a group to learn how to see auras.” …Pause…

It’s in that pause that I wait, and watch, and see what happens.

I don’t need other people to always go along with me, but it’s interesting to see 1) Do they know that I’m talking about, and 2) Do they seem to be open to something different?

Back to my insight.

I have a message to share. 
I have people to help.
I have lessons to teach.
I have lessons to learn.

I can’t do any of these if I am not being 100% myself, at all times, in all moments.

I know that being 100% authentic might result in people turning away from me, leaving my email list, and unfollowing me on social media.

That’s okay. In fact, that’s GREAT.

The women who are going to work with me will be drawn to me, like a magnet, because the words I speak will ring true deep inside them, and it will be a calling that they must answer.

On the flip side, the women who are not meant to work with me (at least not yet), will be so turned off by what I have to say. They will actually be repelled by my words, just like a magnet’s other side.

I cannot base my actions and my words on how I think they will be received. I cannot, and you shouldn’t either.

Trust that the right people will see you, the right people will feel you, the right people will be drawn to you, and the right people will accept you.

As they say “Let your freak flag fly!”

Decorate your flag in all your splendor, with glitter, sparkles, and pizzazz.

Wear your flag like a cape and make a grand entrance into the room and into your life.

By you being you, and being proud to be you, it will be as if you are handing out blank flags to everyone around you, encouraging them to decorate their own.

So here I declare, right here, right now:


Care to join me??

With love,

Lulu Bea

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Ignited Woman Life Coaching ~ Helping women who have lost their joy & spark for life to tap into their passions, find their purpose and live a happy & IGNITED life.


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