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Mom’s Permission List

Mom's Permission List

Parenting… such an interesting experience. One full of the highest highs, and moments where you want to scream “I give up!”

We all think we’re doing it wrong, but I think that we are all doing it right –  in our own ways.

Finding the humor in every situation helps me to not take life so seriously.

Picking my battles with my kids also helps me to keep my sanity.

Moms think that they are alone in some of the struggles they face, but we all feel them.

I met with my friend Liz, from Envision Marketing, a few weeks ago, and we put together a list of all the things that we feel mothers should have permission to do.

We were cracking up!!!

So here it is! You have PERMISSION to do all of the following:

– Not fill out you’re child’s reading log. Seriously, these have been my nemeses with all 4 of my children. My kids read very well, thank you, and I don’t need to write it on a piece of paper to prove it.

– Let your kids spend multiple hours on electronics so you can binge watch that TV show that you like.

– Allow your kids to shower once every 2 weeks. If you don’t know the last time they took a shower, you’re doing it just right.

– Let your daughter go to school with ratted, unbrushed hair. How else can she learn the value of brushing her hair daily without the pain of you brushing out all those knots?

– Not enforce homework with your kids last 2 weeks of schools. Heck, let’s make it the last 6 weeks. Let’s get that senior-itis started early.

– Let your kids wear the same clothes to school, multiple days in a row, because you don’t feel like fighting about it.

– Not push extra curricular activities, or let them join a traveling team, because you don’t want to spend all of your time driving them around.

– Not enroll your kids in everything that they want to do because you don’t want to give up all of your free time. Moms have a life too.

– Play the game “let’s see how long the dirty dishes will sit there without me doing them,” and win!

– Not throw big birthday parties for your kids, and instead do a “super special” sleepover party with 1 or 2 of their friends.

– Be the last one to pick up your kids from school because you don’t want to wait in the pick-up line. I’ve done the research. If I leave the house at the last minute, I pick them up at the same time that I would if I had left 10 minutes earlier and sat in line. Plus, my kids get EXTRA time to hang out with their friends.

– Hide special treats that are just for you, and refuse to share them if your kids catch you eating one.

Do you have other ones to share? I’d love to hear them! You can pop on over to my Facebook Page and post your pearls of permission there, or simply comment below. Let’s laugh at this parenting thing together.

With love,

Lulu Bea

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