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Tuck Others In

Tuck Others In

A few days ago, a friend of mine quoted a passage on Facebook that really stood out to me. It was this:

The visual of kissing them on the forehead and tucking them in spoke volumes to me. It felt so loving, so accepting and so peaceful.Let’s even forget about the terminology “sleeping,” “stirring,” and “awake,” and instead, simply recognize that we all walk different paths in our lives. No one’s path is “right” or “wrong.” They are all unique and individual to that particular person doing the walking.

I understand that when we find a path that works for us, we want to scream it from the rooftops and we want others to find the joys that we have found. We want to share our experiences, but not everyone wants to hear about it… and that’s okay.

Let us bless others who are traveling a different road, send them our love and continue on our merry way.

Let us seek out those who delight in the same things we do and have fun doing that.

Let us rejoice in the moments we share with like-minded souls and use it as fuel to enhance our joy that we bring to the world.

Let us find our own kinds of fun to infuse vitality into our days.

When we are happy, when we are sparked alive, when we are living an IGNITED life, others cannot help but take notice. They will feel our joy, our passion, our aliveness, and seek to find the same.

So let’s not worry about where other people are in their journey. Instead, let us dedicate our time and our efforts to becoming fully invested in our OWN lives.

Let us commit ourselves to truly engaging in our own interests, in spreading mad love, and crazy amounts of acceptance, to the people we are blessed to encounter each and every day.

Our differences, our individuality, and the ways our own roads twist and turn are what make our shared humanity wondrous and amazing.

Let us not forget that we are all in this together… to share, to support and to accept each other with grace and compassion.

With love,

Lulu Bea

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Ignited Woman Life Coaching ~ Helping women who want to do more, envision more, and BE more by tapping into their passions, living their purpose and creating a happy & IGNITED life.


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